This beef sandwich is dipped in a spicy red sauce!

David Elder takes you inside Erick's Tacos

SAN ANTONIO – Erick’s Tacos rates as one of the best Mexican food joints in San Antonio.

All of their culinary creations are amazing like their pambazo.

A pambazo is an authentic Mexican sandwich that uses a torta soaked in a sauce made from guajillo peppers and stuffed with meat of your choice lettuce and crema.

Erick Onofrey and his family opened the restaurant twelve years to serve delicious food to San Antonio that he grew up eating.

Now - he’s cranking out delicious entrees and snack foods like the chicaron preparado - a large, thin pork rind covered in sour cream, lettuce, avocado, pork skin and hot sauce.

They have tons of sweets as well like their pepino loco, piña loca, aguas frescas and more.

Other authentic dishes include their locally famous mini street tacos and their quesadilla gigante -stuffed with beef pork and chicken.

Don’t wait for a festival to get corn on a stick. The restaurant has corn in a cup and corn on a stick available all year.

Erick’s Tacos is delicious, the food is fresh and Erick is a genuinely nice guy who appreciates all of his customers.

The restaurant is located at 12715 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217.

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