What a "Wonder" World!

Fight the boredom this summer with the endless fun at Wonder World.

SAN MARCOS – Wonder World is determined to make your visit Wonderful. They have filled the park with so many attractions that you won't be able to help but have fun every minute you are there.

Start by taking a tour down the Balcones Fault Line Cave, where you can walk along the fault line while you admire the suspended boulder and ancient fossils.

Next, experience some wildlife as you take the train through Mystery Mountain and the petting zoo where you will be able to feed the animals along the way.

Finally, turn things upside down in Wonder World's Anti Gravity house where everything isn't quite what it seems and water runs uphill!

So come on out and enjoy these attractions and more, and mention SA Live prior to July 18th and you will get $3 on each admission ticket you buy.