Delicious Mexican treats with a fresh twist!

David Elder takes you Inside Frida's Corner

SAN ANTONIO – Frida’s Corner is serving up delicious Mexican treats with a fresh twist.

Like their nutrient-packed açaí bowls.

Açaí berries, wild berries, and bananas get blended together.

Then - the fruity mixture gets topped with granola, banana slices, strawberry slices, coconut shavings and almonds.

Paola Flores and her husband opened the snack shack just a few weeks ago to offer San Antonio a taste of Mexico.

"We have a lot of really Mexican snacks," said Flores.

They are also serving up fresh fruit smoothies that get made with almond milk, so they are both vegan and gluten friendly.

Plus they have a fruit bowl made with a variety of sliced fruits and nuts that gets topped with a sweet cream made with a secret recipe she wouldn’t share.

"(I can't share) my mom would kill me," exclaimed Flores.

All of the items are fresh and delicious - a welcomed healthy alternative to traditional treats you can find around San Antonio.

Frida's Corner is located at 1407 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228.

To get more information on the restaurant, head to their website.

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