Buy One Ice Cream Get One 50% OFF at Fahrenheit 32

BOGO 50% OFF Now Through Friday, August 17, 2018

SAN ANTONIO – Fahrenheit 32 is a delicious way to cool down and save some cash this summer - now until this Friday - buy one get one 50% off and if you order the elder eats ice cream - you get 10% off of that.

Fahrenheit 32 is an El Paso, Texas, based Thai-style ice cream shop that opened its doors in San Antonio August of last year.

Thai-style means pouring fresh, homemade, liquid ingredients of ice cream on to a frozen, stainless steel surface.  

Then - you chop in whatever you want - smooth the mixture - roll it out - and watch it turn to ice cream before your eyes. Then you get to top with your topping of choice.

If you want fresh fruit juice - they got you covered.

Fahrenheit 32 also makes fresh aguas frescas with mango, watermelon and other assorted fruits.

Now - for the first time - Elder Eats has its own ice cream flavor.

Toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, Oreo & Reese's mini cups get mixed with chocolate and vanilla cream.

After it gets chopped and rolled up - it get’s topped with chocolate sauce, a  large toasted marshmallow, peanut butter sauce and chocolate sprinkles.

Fahrenheit 32 is located at 226 W Bitters Rd #119, San Antonio, TX 78216.

To get more information on Fahrenheit 32, head to their Facebook page.

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