Goodbye Manu - You Will be Greatly Missed

To celebrate Manu Ginobili Day on August 30th we ask what people will miss most

SAN ANTONIOManu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili, a San Antonio icon, announced his retirement from the San Antonio Spurs on August 27th. 

Today, with a wide range of feelings, I'm announcing my retirement from basketball. IMMENSE GRATITUDE to everyone (family, friends, teammates, coaches, staff, fans) involved in my life in the last 23 years. It's been a fabulous journey. Way beyond my wildest dreams. - @manuginobili

Shock and sadness struck San Antonio that day. It affected San Antonio so much that Mayor Ron Ninemburg decalred August 30th Manu Ginobili Day. Fans celebrated in many different ways including discounted admission at the zoo, free Taco Bell tacos, and  Jen Tobias Struski went to Rudy's Seafood to ask people how they felt about Manu's retirement.