Life Hacks for Back to School Ease

Avoid the stressful morning hustle of Back to School with these tips


Back To School

Selena Montoya, a blogger for Alamo City Moms Blog, talks with Jen Tobias Struski about fun tips and tricks to make back to school easy. 

Montoya suggests that in order to avoid the morning rush and hassle, have your child's clothes picked out for the entire week. To do this, put all of the outfits on hangers and then use hanger stackers  to put them in order by day of the week. This small but effective tip can save lots of time every morning.

Another helpful hint is to meal prep! You can bake muffins or any other simple recipe for the week and even plan lunches with your child so that is one less thing you have to do in the morning as well. 

For all of those projects your child will be constantly bringing home, be sure that you have something to keep it all in. Montoya suggests creating a portfolio folder. All you need is a piece of poster board that you fold in half and then staple on the sides. Your child can even decorate it! 

Field trips are coming soon and how can you avoid forgetting to sign them? Clipboards! For all the busy parents, it makes it a lot easier to have a designated clipboard in the house for each child where they put all of their important/need-to-sign papers for you. This way you never forget! 

Last, but not least, labeling!! Labels are very important for everything that your child owns so nothing gets lost and even if it does get lost, you can easily find it. A mechanical sharpener is also very vital especially for a homework station.  

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