Chili with a Texas Twist

'True Red' Chili Recipe

SAN ANTONIO – Mike and Fiona make a great Texas Chili with a real Chili Queen!


Today's guest, Diana Anderson of JDs Chili Parlor, brought a delicious chili recipe and a brief oral history on the origin of chili. Fiona received a step by step tutorial on how to create the original Chili Queen favorite, True Red chili. Everything from choosing the best peppers to smoke, blanch, and blend to topping off your bowl with delicious sour cream is crucial to the process.


Not only did we learn a great recipe and tips from Diana, she even informed everyone that we've been filming right in the home of chili all this time. That's right, chili as we know it was born in Market Square! The original Chili Queens went around offering up the tasty dish to anyone that wanted to try. Diana also made sure to end the big chili debate we've all been having for years, no beans do not go in true Texas chili!

JDs Chili Parlor

JDs Chili Parlor is a gourmet chili, barbecue and mac-n-cheese company. They offer great catering and food trucks in addition to serving breakfast and lunch every Monday-Friday from 7am-2pm from their new semi-permanent location at the LocalSprout Food Hub on the corner of Chestnut St. and Dawson. Their menu features a variety of breakfast tacos, savory brisket, chili of course and a number of vegan options as well. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for any news and updates from them!