Loosen up with Compression Therapy

2K Cyrospa

SAN ANTONIO – Don't Stress, Compress!

Compression Therapy

Whether you're an athlete, someone with diabetes or a person that walks a lot compression therapy can help you. Anyone can benefit from the medical sessions with 2K Cryospa. The process is quite simple and very effective. During your session you simply lay down, have the sleeves pulled up to close around your legs and it begins. Different compartments will fill with air placing specific amounts of pressure at different parts of your legs to move the blood around.

How To Try

Luckily for our faithful SA Live audience you can try it at a discounted rate. A 20 minute session to start is a $20 standard rate but upon arrival let the staff know you learned of them from watching SA Live for a 50% discount! Stop by their facility located off 1604 & Blanco to try for yourself.