Couch Potato Work Out - Get Fit Friday!

Get on your feet during commercial breaks during this football season


Don't Be A Couch Potato

Next Level Personal Training located at 8507 McCullough Ave is encouraging you to utilize commercial time for workout time! Personal trainer, Joseph Brooks, is taking fitness to a new level with personalized and energetic workout routines. The best way to add working out to your schedule is doing it while watching TV! Next Level Personal Training has other workout routines like this and a variety of events including self defense classes. There are many benefits to working out so why not start with Next Level Personal Training

Joseph Brooks is a trainer like no other. He isn't just doing a job......he's passionate about your goals and progress!

He really helps bridge the gap with nutrition, safety, a great workout and he's super motivational. 

This is the place if you want to nurture your spirit, mind and body!!! You will not be disappointed :)

- Customer of Next Level Training