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Dr. Wydle Tames Your Sickness

SAN ANTONIO – Swap OTC medication for natural remedies at home!

Wydle on Health

Dr. Bryce Wydle, award winning health author, joins Mike and Fiona on set to discuss a wide array of at home remedies for your common sicknesses. Most of us rely on over-the-counter medication whenever we come down with an illness. However, according to Dr. Wydle most of these common medicines merely treat your symptoms. Meaning your runny nose may dry up or upset stomach might ease a little but the sickness is still present within you.

Dr. Wydle suggests substituting your Nyquil, Tylenol, Aspirin, etc for melatonin, organic honey, garlic and much more. For instance, a number of people rely on NyQuil to help them sleep off a cold but simply taking a proper dosage of melatonin would be even more effective.

Dr. Wydle goes on to suggest showering at night rather than in the morning to keep your bedspace clean is another great way to keep yourself in good health. Ginger, garlic, elderberry, fiber, probiotics, among a number of other items already in your home can help you out more than you would think. For more information go to Dr. Wydle's website to find out how else you can better treat your sickness at home.