Fudge on the Go!


SAN ANTONIO – Wanna spoon?

Fudge and a Spoon

Chief Fudgetier, Irma Osborn, and her husband had a plan for a great fudge and sweets company. What makes their fudge any different from all the other fudgetier's in the industry? Well its simple, O'Fudge comes with a spoon. Making sure that anytime you open up your fudge, you already have a spoon to enjoy it with is simple but can drastically change the entire experience.


Founded by the Osborns, O'Fudge, is a delicious fudge shop dedicated to taking you to your "happy place." Irma herself is a certified Life Coach and believes the passion and incredible tatse of your fudge can help you feel better. With flavors such as banana nut, smores, strawberry, pistachio and many others do yourself a favor and try it asap. Find out more about them at their website and get a spoonful now!