Etiquette 101

Mike and Fiona learn table manners

SAN ANTONIO – Clarissa Moreno from La Petit Parties Couture gave Mike and Fiona an etiquette lesson.

Le Petit Etiquette Couture

Sit up straight! Elbows off the table! Chew with your mouth closed! We all remember being children and getting the constant reminders about how to properly behave at the table. Clarissa Moreno, owner of Le Petit Parties Couture, is now providing children with hands on etiquette lessons to save everyone from the constant back and forth. In addition to offering themed parties, Clarissa also has a program focused on proper posture, manners and table etiquette in general when eating.

Proper Etiquette

One of the first signs of your level of etiquette is posture. Most people don't give much thought to the way they sit at the table but it is important to always be sitting up straight. No elbows on the table is a given, chewing with your mouth closed is obvious but the handling of your napkin can be tricky. Moreno instructed Mike and Fiona to gently pick up their napkin, move it to the side of their body and gently lay it down on your lap. When using it she says simply wipe both corners of your mouth and place it back down.

You and your kids can learn all about etiquette by working with Le Petit. Check out their Facebook page for reviews and information on how to sign up.