The Human Canvas - Spooky Edition

Create spooky looks with these tips and tricks


"Living more to the imagination"

The Human Canvas

Joseph Platia is the artist behind The Human Canvas who turns people into art. His projects range from makeup to woodwork. He can bring anything you imagine to life. Whether you want to be a zombie, a mermaid, or just have a glamorous look for a special event, The Human Canvas can give you tips and tricks about how to do all of it. 

Platia has been honored with 35 different International Awards in Makeup Artistry, Bodypainting, and Hair Styling. For 18 years, Platia has been growing and perfecting his skills with The Human Canvas since he launched his website and cosmetics line (T.H.C Pro Cosmetics) in 2000. Platia has done it all and he still continues to do more today. If you are interested in a photo shoot or makeup experience unlike any other, contact Joseph Platia and see what The Human Canvas is really about!

This journey has been such a wonderful experience, and I have had so many great memories making people feel great about themselves, as well as expanding my arts to even more mediums such as custom painting motorcycles, building and custom painting furniture and collectibles. It's been a wild ride growing, learning, and expanding. - Joseph Platia