Delicious, Decorative Cookies for the Fall

Arcadia Cookie Company

SAN ANTONIO – Cookies that taste great and look amazing.

Tastes as Good As it Looks


Laura Celis, the owner of Arcadia Cookie Company, is creating delicious cookies perfect for any occasion. Celis's cookies come designed with sports team colors, seasonal decorations and combination of colors you need for your party. Celis combines her keen artistic and baking skills with her background in chemistry to craft these delicious cookies that look as good as they taste.


Arcadia Cookie Company


The Arcadia Cookie Company designs cookies for all occasions, holidays, birthdays and events. All of the baked goods get made to order, and the cookies have zero preservatives or additives. In addition to the sugar cookies Celis uses for decorating, the cookie company also offers traditional cookie recipes. You can choose classic favorites like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle or peanut butter or you can grab a small bag of "bites" to satisfy your sweet tooth quickly.


If you're looking for delectable cookies that look as good as they taste, reach out to Arcadia's Cookie Company and try them yourself.