Show your school spirit with these fun crafts!

SAN ANTONIO – Mums Galore!

How to Make a Mum 

Necessary Materials:

  • 12 yards ribbon (school colors)
  • 8 yards ribbon 
  • 3 yards ribbon 
  • 4 yards ribbon 
  • 2 yards ribbon  
  • 5 yards ribbon 
  • Accent ribbons and accessories in 1-yard length
  • Glitter letter stickers for names and to spell "HOMECOMING"
  • Large Mum Flower
  • Stapler 
  • Hot Glue Gun and Gluesticks
  • School accessories sold at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or any craft store


1. Choose the ribbons you want to use to make a border around the edge of the cardboard mum backing. Cut enough 3-inch pieces of those ribbons to fit. Fold the ribbons in half to make a flat loop, and staple the ribbons in place.

2. Hot glue the flower to the backing and then choose an ornament to be placed on top of it. The ornament can be sports related or a cute bear which can be dressed up to accommodate any sport including cheer! Hot glue the ornament in the center of the flower

3. Cut pieces of ribbon to desired length (12-24 inches). Attach the pieces to the mum by stapling the ribbon to the backing. Continue on until the entire mum is covered with ribbon. 

4. Personalize the mum by adding stickers and ornaments throughout the mum. You can even tie the ornaments to the end of the ribbon. 

5. Add any extra beads or decorative ribbon to add personality to your mum!

6. Hot glue a ribbon on the top of the backing to serve as a way to put the mum on!

Loretta's Unique Creations

If you are having trouble making a mum at home, then go to Loretta's Unique Creations where the mum queen herself can make you a homecoming mum, a spirit stick, and more to show off your school spirit. You can buy all the necessary supplies at Loretta's recommended store, Travis Wholesale Florist, and then bring the materials to Loretta for her to work her magic!