Crowning Confidence for Chemo Patients

Making a difference, one wig at a time.


Skin and Wigs Etc.

Patsy Carver, a former breast cancer survivor and owner of Skin and Wigs Etc. works to bring confidence to women who are diagnosed with cancer.

Carver says, "most women come in and are very upset about their diagnosis, but more so they are upset about their hair loss." Carver uses her professional training as a licensed Surgical Nurse and Esthetician to empathize with her customers and help them find the perfect wig or head cover so they can feel beautiful. 

Carver emphasizes comfort for her customers by offering one-on-one consultations in private areas throughout the boutique. Customers are free to try on as many wigs as they would like until they find the perfect one. 

By offering complimentary services such as head shaves and wig trims, Carver takes care of her customers and makes sure that no matter their situation, they always leave feeling happy. 

Skin and Wigs Etc. is located at 8480 Fredericksburg Road and provides a large selection of wigs, hats, scarfs, and head covers. They are open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Saturday or after hour accommodations can be made by appointment only. Drop by to experience the great customer service for yourself!