Samantha Aguirre: A Wonder Woman

Samantha Aguirre is inspiring people everyday in everything she does


Wonder Woman

Samantha Aguirre, a MixFit personal trainer, is known as Wonder Woman among her clients. The name fits her well because she does it all – she’s a mother, a trainer and now a breast cancer fighter.

Despite her current battle, she has remained strong and is constantly motivating others to be their best selves and overcome any obstacles they may encounter. Her mother affirms this, saying, "Her strength makes me stronger." 

Aguirre continues to train her clients because it is what she loves to do. Her work inspires others, as she seeks to overcome her own struggles with perseverance and a positive mindset. 

Battle Breast Cancer Event

In honor of Samantha Aguirre, Mix Fit SA is hosting an event called Battle Cancer with Coach Sia to raise funds for Samantha and her family. This event will provide a meal, a training demonstration from Aguirre herself, education about breast cancer and breast cancer awareness items will be available to purchase.

The event will be hosted on October 28th from 11 a.m to 2 p.m at 2655 Flight Nurse. Tickets are $10 and proceeds will go toward medical and living expenses for Aguirre.  All are welcome to attend, so go out and show your support!