Cute Halloween Decor: Pumpkin Succulents

Belle & Union helps you with fun and cute ideas for Halloween decorations


SAN ANTONIOPumpkin Succulents 

Local boutique Belle & Union has come up with a new creative way to make use of your pumpkins. Rather than carving your pumpkin to make a jack-o'-lantern, you can instead turn it into a pumpkin succulent.

Begin by using as sturdy a pumpkin as possible. Carve it out clean and let it sit overnight to dry up completely. Choose your preferred succulents and sit them in water overnight, as well.

Belle & Union suggests filling your pumpkin with pea-sized gravel in order to keep it dry and to hold the pumpkin in shape after it starts to wilt. Plant your succulents inside, add whatever greenery you would like and set it out for everyone to see.

Belle & Union

Belle & Union is a boutique shop located at the Quarry Village. They offer an array of choices from home decor to cute little trinkets.

In addition to material options, you can also take part in their workshops regarding book brainstorms to pumpkin succulent classes. If you're interested in more information contact them or stop by their shop!

Pumpkin Succulent Class

If you want to get hands on experience and learn how to properly make your own pumpkin succulent, you are in luck!

Join Belle & Union for a Pumpkin Succulent Class on November 3rd from 10  to 11:30 a.m. at 310 E Basse Rd. Suite 103. You won't want to miss it!