Halloween Crafts with Stacy Pyron

Simple and spooky ideas for Halloween decor


Make fun and easy creations with the kiddos.


Create your own DIY crafts


Stacy Pyron has a number of creative ideas for you to make fun crafts with your family this Halloween. Plenty of money will be spent on costumes, candy and pumpkins, but you can cut back on big, extravagant decorations by making them yourself!


Pyron brought tons of her Halloween designs from stuffed candy corn pillows to pumpkin pouches, and she taught Mike Osterhage how to sew a garland made from felt bats. All he had to do was cut the fabric into bat shapes and sew them together in a straight line, pulling some thread between each bat to illusion of the bats flying.


The Stitched Up Roadrunner


Formerly the owner of her very own quilt shop, Pyron now does crochet, quilting and apparel sewing. To contact her or see more on her creations go to her Instagram page