Smackerel toasts up grilled cheese with bacon jam, honey butter

Local pop-up to participate in inaugural Grilled Cheese Festival


Where will you be able to find a bacon jam and honey butter grilled cheese sandwich? At the inaugural Grilled Cheese Festival, courtesy of Smackerel!


Not your average grilled cheese

Keenen Hendricks, owner of Smackerel, cooks up a version of the grilled cheese sandwich that you’ve never seen before.


Hendricks has a few different takes on the classic grilled cheese, but the one he grilled with Mike Osterhage has bite. Not only does it have four kinds of cheese, but it’s also filled with bacon jam and honey butter.


Hendricks and his mouth-watering sandwich will be a part of the inaugural grilled cheese festival coming up on Saturday, November 10th, at historic St. Paul Square in San Antonio.  

Delicious and dynamic menu

The taste and simplicity of the classic grilled cheese will always have a special place in our hearts, but it might be time to make room for Smackerel, as well. Hendricks' pop-up business stands out form the competition with fresh takes on a comfort food staple.


Open Tuesday through Sunday, the only item you can expect to be available every day is the Chicken Tonkotsu sandwich. Smackerel switches up the menu each day of the week, offering everything from sandwiches to enchiladas.


If this creative concept and mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwich piques your interest, stop by Smackerels facebook page to find out where the pop-up will pop up next.