Honeysuckle Tea Time - DON'T MISS THEM TONIGHT

Need some sweet treats in your life? We've got you covered!

Honeysuckle Teatime
Honeysuckle Teatime is a catering business that serves delicious treats , perfect for any event.
They offer a diverse menu and custom orders of tea-infused cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and more!
They also have many events and classes , offered to everyone at a low cost.
Business Bites Event
You can try Honeysuckle Tea Time treats on Friday, Nov. 9, at Business Bites , sponsored by Chef Cooperative , a nonprofit organization that works to raise funds in support of farm-to-table initiatives and the prosperity of local farmers.
Th e event will benefit Launch SA , a separate nonprofit organization that works to assist entrepreneurs, small business owners and food companies .
Business Bites will feature 18 vendors with a diverse amount of food. Tickets are $45, but as an SA Live viewer, you can get them for $40 using this link . Don't miss out on this event and the sweet treats that come with it!