Beautiful DIY holiday decorations from the Boerne Handmade Market

Christmas decor you can make with the kids

Learn how to make lovely ornaments, wreaths and more easy crafts to do for the holiday season with the Boerne Handmade Market!

OMG what a fun DIY

Beth Legge, co-founder of the Boerne Handmade Market, joined Jenn Tobias-Struski for a fun Mom Day about super simple DIY holiday crafts. Legge demonstrated how to fill your home with self made pieces for the holidays.

First came the cute little Christmas trees she soaked in a water and bleach solution. She soaked them overnight, and the next day her kiddos paint them in their favorite colors. Legge said it only took a short while and left virtually no mess.

Legge said she likes to purchase small ornaments that she and her children can decorate themselves. She then places the trees inside or fills the ornaments with whatever she thinks will look nice, like small pictures or festive decor. For bigger decorations that will really catch the eye, Legge creates a full-sized wreath out of pom-poms she hand-makes out of yarn.


Join craft night

The crafts are simple enough to involve the kids, but detailed enough to get together with a group of adults and create. The Boerne Handmade Market hosts Craft Night where you and your friends can “get your craft on.” The next event will be Thursday from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. It’s going to be all about art and crafts, with snacks and drinks provided – and you're welcome to bring your favorite wine!

For more great craft ideas and information on crafts, visit the Boerne Handmade Markets website or Facebook page.