How to avoid holiday depression

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SAN ANTONIO – It's the most wonderful time of the year for some, but not for all.

If holiday depression is bringing you down, HealthTexas Medical Group is here for you.

Dr. Kristi Clark from HealthTexas has some helpful tips on how to overcome holiday depression.

Question #1: Why would anyone feel depressed this time of year?

"Many times it can be elderly people that may have had a spouse die, though it's not just elderly people," Clark said. "We also live in a world with high divorce rates or it can be a financially stressful time for people."

Question #2: How does the mental state impact the physical body?

"We have a lot of research now that tells us that mental health and physical health are very tightly woven," she said. "People with depression have a higher risk of things like coronary disese, heart disease, obesity and chronic pain."

Question #3: What is something you can do to avoid depression?

"For people that may be already depressed or suffer from depression, plan and schedule things," Clark said. "Make a schedule for yourself. Give yourself something to do, get some vitamin D outside and make sure you are emotionally feeling well. Try not to focus on the past."

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