Things you can do with coffee grounds

How you can get benefits from the 'grounds' up

SAN ANTONIO – Coffee grounds have many practical uses around the home and in the garden, and they can even bring new life to your beauty routine.

How coffee grounds can benefit plants:

  • Keep pests from eating veggies and plants.
  • Great for the soil to help increase harvest.
  • If you have patchy grass, spread some coffee grounds across your yard and it will help the grass grow.

How coffee grounds can help clean your house:

  • Helps to scrub grease off of pans.
  • Toss grounds in the garbage disposal to hide odors.

  • Place grounds in the fireplace to keep ashes from making dust clouds when cleaning.

How coffee grounds can improve your beauty routine:

  • Using coffee grounds as a morning scrub can even your skin tone and get rid of puffiness.
  • Rub on skin weekly to get rid of cellulite.

  • Get rid of strange odors on hands after touching garlic, onions, fish, etc.

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