Slim down just in time for Valentine's Day with SliMedica

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SAN ANTONIO – Valentine's Day is just around the corner next week, and if you've been wanting to slim down for your cutie, SliMedica is here to help!

SliMedica is a total transformation medical clinic, where the SliMedica staff treats each patient with quality care and thorough medical assessments to ensure all patients are successful with their weight loss goals. 

SliMedica offers a shortcut for patients' weight loss journeys by combining medication with the Zerona Laser technology. 

"The Zerona Laser is absolutely painless and noninvasive," said Alexandrah Castillo, SliMedica patient counselor. "You can target your whole body."

With the Zerona Laser, patients usually lose half-pound to a pound a day, and SliMedica guarantees 4 inches lost in your first two weeks. That's huge!

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Information courtesy of SliMedica. 

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