Tips to stay healthy during flu season

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SAN ANTONIO – If you're struggling with allergies, the flu or sickness, Gonzaba Medical Group is here to help!

Gonzaba Medical Group is a primary care group that also offers urgent care in San Antonio and has been dedicated to the community for over 60 years.

Dr. Rodrigo Najera from Gonzaba Medical Group has some tips on how you can stay healthy during the flu season.

"First of all, we always recommend that you get vaccinated against the flu," said Dr. Najera. "If you're feeling sick, if you have a fever, we recommend that you go to our urgent care center."

Tip No. 1: Get a checkup, visit your doctor

"We always recommend that you go see your doctor and get checked," said Dr. Najera. A lot of people think you have to be sick to see your doctor, not necessarily -- you can talk about prevention, mammogram studies and things like that."

Tip No. 2: Ask your doctor questions

"If you don't understand what your doctor or nurse is saying, you can always stop them and make sure they answered your questions," said Dr. Najera.

Tip No. 3: Stay active and eat healthy

"Be active and do a lot of exercises, get out there and be with other senior citizens and eat healthy," said Dr. Najera.

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