RECIPE: Summertime salad by Clementine

Chef, co-owner John Russ shares mushroom salad recipe

SAN ANTONIO – Chef and co-owner of Clementine, John Russ, shares his mushroom salad recipe with Mike and Fiona at Market Square.

Russ said the recipe has been in his family for years and he has a few tips to make your prep work a breeze.

TIP 1:   It's important to use a sharp knife because you don't have to push it down as hard to cut the vegetables, avoiding a safety hazard.

TIP 2:   Use a stable, flat surface to cut mushrooms. Cut until it gets uncomfortable, then flip the mushroom 90 degrees and finish cutting.

TIP 3:   Use a cucumber mandolin to finely slice red onion, garlic and radishes. This type of mandolin is typically found in salons.

TIP 4:   Use a peeler to shave parmesan for your salad. The larger pieces of cheese will keep you from using too much and will give the salad an added texture.

TIP 5:   Get your lemons for the dressing from the Rio Grande Valley.

For more information on Clementine neighborhood restaurant, check out its website.


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