Safety tips for riding electric scooters

80.2% of electric scooter injuries are due to falls

SAN ANTONIO – Have you taken a ride on an electric scooter in San Antonio? 

Scooters are a fun new experience, an inexpensive way to get around and great for getting places quickly instead of walking. However, San Antonians need to be cautious and know that accidents can happen.  

"Scooters are very safe -- less than 1 percent end up in serious injury, but those injuries are pretty serious," said Desi Martinez, attorney at Martinez & Associates. "About 40 percent of those injuries occur from fractures. Thirty percent of those are brain injuries. The rest require some hospitalization."

Safety tips for riding scooters

"The River Walk is pretty fun, but you can't ride these on the River Walk, there's too much foot traffic," Martinez said. 

Watch out for sticks and pebbles on trails, if the location doesn't look like a scooter can go through there, you should probably stay away.

If you can't keep up with traffic, stay out of traffic.

Always, always wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter and know the rules of the road.

Most common electric scooter injuries

  • 40.2% - bone fractures
  • 31.7% - head trauma
  • 27.7% - cuts, sprains, bruises

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