Furry friends and fireworks

Pet Supplies Plus shares tips on how to keep your dogs safe on July Fourth

SAN ANTONIO – While Independence Day is a fun day of celebrating for us, it can be extra tough on our furry friends. Dale Wetzel and Patrick Anthony, of Pet Supplies Plus, share tips on how to keep your dogs safe during Fourth of July festivities. 

1. Anxiety vest

If your dog is easily spooked by loud noises, such as thunder and fireworks, ThunderShirt vests for dogs may help ease their anxiety. Make sure the vest has a snug fit so your dog feels secure, as if you were giving them a big hug.

2. Calming collar

The ThunderEase and Adaptil dog collars work by continuously releasing pheromones for up to 30 days. The pheromones are designed to remind dogs of their mothers, providing them with a sense of comfort and ease.

3. Pheromone diffuser

The ThunderEase and Adaptil diffusers work similarly to the collars in that they emit natural pheromones, however, the diffusers can be placed anywhere in your home where your dog spends the most time and can be refilled every 30 days. 

4. Crate

Another option if your pet is crate trained is to put them in their crate during Fourth of July firework celebrations. The crate will serve as their "safe spot," helping them to feel enclosed and protected. Keeping them secure will also ensure they don't run away and get lost, which is a common problem this time of year. 

5. Relaxing treats and oils

Since dogs are food motivated creatures, providing them with tasty treats that also help to relax them can be extremely beneficial. Products such as Sentry calming drops, NaturVet chewable tablets and Nutri-Vet pet-ease chewables use pheromone technology, natural herbs and amino acids to help ease your dog's anxiety. 

While hemp and CBD products are becoming increasingly popular among people, they also show great promise for pets. Pet Supplies Plus sells a variety of hemp and CBD treats and oils that are safe for your dogs to ingest. 

6. Toys

Why not treat your dog to Fourth of July-themed toy balls, pillows and costumes to keep them preoccupied during fireworks celebrations? Pet Supplies Plus sells a variety of toys that release buckwheat, valerian and lavender scents, which all help to relax dogs. There's no need to worry if your dog tears into the toy because the contents are safe for ingestion.

7. Indoor noise levels

Try putting the TV on a bit louder and crank the fans to their highest speed. By drowning out the noise of the fireworks outside, your dog will feel more relaxed inside.  

8. Tags

Be sure to update your dog's tags in case they do get out of the house and are too scared to find their way back home.


For more information on how to keep your dogs safe and relaxed this Fourth of July, head over to a Pet Supplies Plus near you or check out the company's website.

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