Shoot a basket and aim for the stars!

Free summer basketball camp teaching kids how to shoot beyond the basket

SAN ANTONIO – BALLER Camps is a free basketball camp located on the west side of San Antonio providing both athletic and academic instruction to students transitioning to middle school.

Lance Lewis, executive director and founder of BALLER Camps and former Lanier High School basketball coach, wants to help disadvantaged kids improve both physically and mentally. The camp teaches students how to play basketball as a team, not only improving their ability to shoot baskets but also teaching them valuable life lessons such as teamwork and accountability.

Additionally, camp members can expect to walk away with improved math and writing abilities. As part of the camp, kids learn how to calculate things like the percentage of free throws shot and get to improve their writing skills by answering daily journal prompts about their experiences at the camp. 

"This is a way for our kids in this neighborhood to get quality coaches, quality coaching, quality teaching in a smaller number," says Laura Negrete-Fernandez, varsity basketball coach at Lanier High School. "It gets them ready for that next level." 

For basketball fun all summer long, BALLER Camps is holding camps every Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each student will receive a basketball, T-shirt and journal at no cost. Lunch is also provided daily courtesy of the camp.  

BALLER Camps partners with the San Antonio Independent School District to run the program, however, donations are appreciated. For more information on how to donate and register for camps, head to the camp's website.