Instagram-worthy drinks at Ice Ice Baby

Feel refreshed as if at the beach with these tasty frozen creations

SAN ANTONIO – Ice Ice Baby is not only a hit song by rapper Vanilla Ice, but also a popular snack shop in San Antonio serving Instagram-able treats that transport you to paradise.

Loren Cuevas, owner of Ice Ice Baby, is bringing the tropics to San Antonio with frozen drinks such as fruit mangonadas and nonalcoholic piña coladas that you sip straight from a pineapple. 

The fruit mangonada is extra delicious because it's endlessly drizzled with chamoy. One trick to creating the fruit display on top of the mangonada is to use two halves of a small paper plate to hold the fruit in place. The more fruit, the better! 

The restaurant's nonalcoholic piña colada is made with two 15 ounce containers of coconut cream, one cup of pineapple juice and one cup of water blended together. The mix is then poured into a crownless pineapple filled with crushed ice and topped with fruit slices.

All items at Ice Ice Baby are customizable and made right in front of you. Popular choices for the kids include fun ice cream creations and colorful milkshakes.

Ice Ice Baby is located at 2113 Bandera Rd. Be sure to check out its Instagram account for the full selection of items sold and for a chance to be featured on its page.