Bravo Country Homes offers $1,000 closing assistance for military-affiliated customers

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SAN ANTONIO – Do you want to live in a new community with a country-style feel? 

Bravo Country Homes is building brand-new premier gated communities in Castroville, Texas, only 25 minutes from downtown San Antonio.

"We've got a brand-new neighborhood called Double Gate Ranch on the other side of Castroville, with 29 one-acre to two-acre home sizes," said Greg Sprute, a sales representative at Bravo Country Homes. 

Bravo Country Homes offers $1,000 closing assistance to customers who are military-affiliated.

"We have several homes left to choose from, but as soon as we get them finished they pretty much seem to sell," Sprute said.

Bravo Country Homes

Bravo Country Homes is a family business in Castroville offering homes of exceptional quality and architectural sophistication. 

Castroville residents boast about the great school districts, trending shops, the Alsatian Resort & Golf Club and local restaurants.

At Bravo Country Homes, customers can find unique and trendsetting design details to ensure their home will be a reflection of them and is tailored to their wishes and needs.

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