Crazy cool ceramic fun

Let your creative juices flow molding clay at Sunin Clay Studio

SAN ANTONIO – If you love designing personalized pieces or you just want to get your hands dirty, Sunin Clay Studio is the place for you! Let your creative juices flow while handbuilding or molding clay on a potter's wheel.

Named after its founders and a mountain in Japan, Sunin Clay Studio is a safe space where people can create art, form bonds with other ceramists and escape the pressures of daily life. The studio is equipped with eight wheels, a large handbuilding space, an extruder, a slab roller, multiple glazes and a variety of tools for endless pottery possibilitles. 

Michelle Stiehl and her husband, Rickey Hotard, took ownership of Sunin Clay Studio about a year ago. As a working member of the studio, Stiehl says she was "at the right place at the right time," as she now gets to share her love of clay with the San Antonio community.

Even if you've never worked with clay before, you can still have a blast at Sunin Clay Studio and be able to leave with a beautiful handmade item. Part of the fun of working with clay is being carefree with your design and not being hard on yourself. At Sunin Clay Studio, you can expect hands-on experience catered specifically to your experience level.

You may even get inspired to create a coffee mug, gnome, frog, teacup or bowl engraved with "I love Mom!" 

Whatever you envision for your pottery adventures, Sunin Clay Studio can help make it happen. Be sure to check out its monthly group and private classes and its special two-hour class for beginners.

For more information on booking a day full of messy fun, vist the company's website