5 tips to budget holiday spending

Track your purchases, take advantage of Black Friday deals

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SAN ANTONIO – Thanksgiving is next week and that means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping for your loved ones.

Holiday shopping can be a financial burden on some of us, and that’s why we have some tips on how to budget for holiday spending.

1. Take advantage of Black Friday deals

If you’re shopping online or in stores this holiday season, Black Friday specials are starting earlier and earlier each year. Take advantage of these doorbusters in the comfort of your home or at a department store.

2. Sign-up for email newsletters

Most businesses now offer a subscription-based email opt-in to access special offers and promo codes. Be sure to keep up with your emails each day during the holidays, you can easily find discounts for items up to 50% off.

3. Make a budget for everyone on your shopping list

You should have one or two ideas within your price range for each individual.

4. Track your purchases

Do you still have a checkbook? Bring your budget sheet or checkbook each time you make a new purchase.

5. Pay in cash

By paying in cash you can easily feel the dent in your wallet versus paying with a credit card. Allot yourself to only have as much cash that you can afford spending. Try to avoid paying with a credit card unless you absolutely have to.

This time of year can be stressful and you don’t need to add any more worry about all your investments.

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