Holiday hacks: 4 benefits of switching to solar

Benefits include a 30% federal tax credit, an increase in property value

SAN ANTONIO – It’s the holiday season, and Christmas is just weeks away!

If you’ve been thinking about going solar, here are four benefits you can gain as a homeowner.

1. Increases property value.

You can increase your asking price exponentially if your home is equipped with solar power systems.

2. Homeowners can receive a 30% federal tax credit.

According to TurboTax, “To encourage Americans to use solar power, the EPA and the Department of Energy offer tax credits for solar-powered systems.”

3. Rebates are available.

Check with your local energy supplier to see if there are different rates for per-watt rebates.

4. No down payments for three months.

Depending on the solar company, there can be no down payment options for three months. For example, South Texas Solar Systems offers its customers this benefit.

If you are interested in going solar, South Texas Solar Systems services consumers who want to lower their electricity bills by switching to solar.

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