How to find the right doctor before Medicare annual enrollment period ends

Medicare annual enrollment period ends Saturday

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SAN ANTONIO – The end of the Medicare annual enrollment period is coming up and now is the time to consider if your doctor is the right one for you.

Dr. Chris Arnold, senior medical director for WellMed has some insight on how you can find the perfect doctor before the enrollment period for 2019 expires.

Why is the Medicare annual enrollment period important?

“It’s important because everyone knows you can change your health plan this time of year, but it’s also a good time to reflect that you have the right doctor,” said Arnold.

If you don’t change your Medicare plan before the deadline, you may be stuck with your current plan and current doctor.

Ask these questions to find a doctor who will give you the extra time and attention you need to help keep you healthy and feeling your best:

  • Is the doctor paid based on a value-based care model, which rewards the doctor for keeping you healthy, regardless of your health condition?
  • How often do they see patients, and how much time do they spend with their patients?
  • How do they communicate and coordinate care with their patient’s other care teams, such as specialists and hospitalists?
  • How do they keep up-to-date with and practice the latest in medical advances and technology?

“Value-based care is a preventative type of care where doctors focus on screenings for disease early,” Arnold said. “Doctors are actually graded based on how well they manage your chronic health conditions like heart disease or chronic reportorial illness or diabetes, based on national standards.”

WellMed cares for many people on Medicare and wants to remind you to review your benefits now through Saturday.

For more information, visit WellMedHealthcare.com/DrRight or call 1-833-925-0422.

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