Find the best school for your child with San Antonio School Finder

Website designed to be resource for all San Antonio families

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is expanding every day, as Bexar County now has 17 school districts, more than 30 charter operators and numerous after-school programs.

Until recently, no tool has existed to help families find their way around choosing the best school for their children.

City Education Partners launched SanAntonioSchoolFinder.org, a new educational resource for local families.

The website provides viewers the ability to access all public school options across the city of San Antonio.

San Antonio School Finder is simple for parents and caregivers to easily search for schools and after-school programs available.

Benefits of the San Antonio School Finder tool:

  • Discover after-school programs for your child.
  • Find the best fit school for your child.
  • The website translates to Spanish.

San Antonio School Finder will be updated multiple times a year as state accountability data becomes available from the Texas Education Agency.

For more information, visit SanAntonioSchoolFinder.org.

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