Watch: How beer brew waste becomes low-carb, high protein flour

2019 H-E-B Quest for Texas Best winner is brewing up magic

SAN ANTONIO – 2019 H-E-B Quest for Texas Best winner Grain4Grain is creating a low carb, high protein flour using spent grain from local brewers.

Spent grain is the byproduct of the barley used for brewing beer.

“Spent means it is spent from its carbohydrates,” explains co-founder Yoni Medhin.

The wet mash leftover from the brewing process is typically thrown away. Millions of pounds of spent grain waste get produced every year by breweries from around the United States. Yoni and his business partner Matt Metchly decided to turn the trash into a treasure.

Through a patent-pending process, the duo at Grain4Grain produces a flour out of the wet mash that is both low in simple carbohydrates, high in fiber, keto-friendly and high in fiber.

In fact, one serving of the Grain4Grain pancake mix packs 25 grams of fiber. The suggested daily amount of fiber for an adult consuming 2,000 calories per day is 25-30 grams.

The Grain4Grain team won the 2019 H-E-B Quest for Texas Best and the product is now available in H-E-B locations across Texas.

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