Beauty hacks: Tips to keep skin youthful for new decade

Drink plenty of water daily, cut out sugar

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SAN ANTONIO – Start off 2020 feeling your absolute best in your skin.

If you are trying to look younger or want to boost your confidence with flawless skin, we have some tips for you:

Drink water

The rule of thumb is to drink at least eight full glasses a day. Your body needs to be hydrated properly to function.

Drinking enough water is one of the easiest and best beauty treatments you can do for your skin.

Moisturize skin daily

Each morning you should wake up and moisturize since it’s an important step in our natural skincare routine. When your skin is ultimately dehydrated, a moisturizer gives it the hydration it needs to look flawless and rejuvenated.

Cut out sugar

Unfortunately, eating fast food, junk food, drinking soda and alcohol can play a negative role in the appearance of your skin. If you want to have healthy, rejuvenated skin, try to cut out as many processed products as you can.

Try a rapid reduction serum

There’s plenty of reasons why some celebrities age better over others. Some celebrities don’t drink anything but water and eat organic food.

But if you are trying to reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, smile lines and wrinkles, Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum on average creates results in under 10 minutes.

In a clinical study, Plexaderm says there was an 85% visual decrease in the depth of forehead lines for 43 people that used the rapid reduction serum.

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