Three juice recipes to keep you healthy this winter

Local shop shares passion for juicing

SAN ANTONIO – Keith and Alex Simpson share a passion for juicing.

“He was playing professional basketball and after his games they were just eating anywhere, fast food and stuff,” Alex says. “I was like ‘have you ever tried juicing?’”

Keith says his recovery from playing basketball suddenly was quicker.

“I stuck with it through out training camp and that’s when I became a true believer,” Keith says.

The Simpsons have two children and they too have grown accustomed to the healthy lifestyle.

“My babies have been juicing since they were in the womb,” Alex says.

On the menu, a variety of juice recipes.

Keith and Alex recommend trying these recipes this season:

“Sfall" -- includes beets, carrots, strawberries, pineapple and mint to help with cardiovascular health.

“System boost” -- carrots, apples, orange juice and ginger to help with allergies.

“Clean green” -- cucumber, apples, romaine lettuce to help with digestive health.

Squeezers is located at 732 S. Alamo Street and they have a new location opening up soon at E. Elmira and N. St. Mary’s Street.

Click here for more information on their juice cleanse packages.