5 reasons why you should learn how to play the piano as an adult

Looking for a new hobby? You may just be in luck

Need a new hobby? How about playing the piano | SA Live | KSAT12
Need a new hobby? How about playing the piano | SA Live | KSAT12

SAN ANTONIO – With Valentine’s Day next week, you may want to impress your valentine with a new skill.

Have you ever thought about taking up the piano?

Here are five reasons why you should consider learning how to play the piano as an adult.

1. Adult piano playing can help with stress relief.

Playing the piano is a great outlet for those seeking an escape and exerting creative expression. It’s important to burn off any negative feelings, especially if those involve stress.

Some people relieve stress by playing sports or working out, and some individuals take up playing an instrument as an outlet.

2. Adult piano playing can help with memory retention.

Playing the piano can boost your cognitive and intellectual abilities, ultimately sharpening your mind.

3. Learning how to play an instrument is an attractive quality.

It’s quite impressive to meet someone who can play an instrument – just look at famous musicians.

4. Adult piano playing can serve as a hobby.

Grab your partner or best friend and take up some lessons. You may just find your new hobby.

5. Learning how to play an instrument can be just the fun you’re looking for!

Trying something new with your friends can be a fun adventure. Even if you’re not the greatest at playing the piano, don’t worry. It’s still pretty cool to sit down in front of friends and impress them with your mad piano skills.

If you are looking for piano lessons, family-owned and operated Fort Bend Music Center is now open in San Antonio.

The Fort Bend Music Center offers music lessons to both children and adults in many instrumental disciplines. It’s is the largest Yamaha Piano dealership in Texas with four locations.

You can find the Fort Bend Music Center in San Antonio at 1603 North Loop 1604 West.

For more information, visit fortbendmusiccenter.com or call 210-712-1421.

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