Flavors collide in this Spanish-Texan fusion dish

A healthy dish that’s full of flavor

SAN ANTONIOAndalusian Chickpeas - Recipe for 4 people


- 1 & 1/2 bell green pepper

- 1 bunch of spring onions (3 or 4 units depend of how big they are)

- 2 black garlic

- 400 gr cooked chickpeas

- 80 ml of I Love Aceite extra virgin olive oil

- 1/4 spoon of salt

- 200 gr of chorizo

- Microgreens


1. First you chop all bell green pepper and spring onion.

2. Put extra virgin olive oil in the pan. Fry low fire bell green pepper and spring onions. When is almost done add chopped chorizo and black garlic.

3. After 3 minutes add chickpeas on the pan and mix all during around ten minutes. Before you finish put the salt.

4. Serve on the plate and finish with a pinch of microgreens.

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