Tips to help you prepare for daylight saving time this weekend

Turn your clocks forward one hour Sunday, March 8 (yes, unfortunately)

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SAN ANTONIO – Do you prefer driving to work in the dark each morning, or do you prefer more daylight?

While some of us are thrilled to have extended hours of sunlight, we all have to lose an hour of sleep Sunday for daylight saving time, also known as “spring forward.”

Changing the clocks forward one hour can definitely affect your body’s internal clock.

Here are some tips to help you ease into daylight saving time to ensure you’re not feeling the effect a few days afterward.

Gradually adjust your body to the time change.

Try to make gradual adjustments and go to bed an hour earlier Saturday night, if you can. Then you won’t be thrown off Sunday morning, feeling like you just got hit by a bus.

Make an extra effort to be well-rested a few days before the time change.

Cut back on caffeine and sugar (temporarily).

Yes, it’s recommended to cut back on sugar and caffeine a few days following daylight saving time to help you adjust to your bedtime schedule naturally.

Mark time on your calendar for daily exercise during the day.

Walking for 30 minutes a day, three times a week or more can help you sleep better.

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