Fiesta delivered to your doorstep

Survival baskets bring joy and all proceeds go back to the San Antonio Zoo

SAN ANTONIO – Gail Garza Mitchell has been going to Fiesta for the past 14 years.

“This will be our first year that we miss,” she says.

Despite the current social distancing restrictions and a postponed Fiesta, she wanted to find a way to celebrate in April.

“So, the idea kind of came about just because we still wanted to celebrate Fiesta and social distance and respect the rules,” Garza Mitchell said. “So we’re like what better way than to deliver fiesta baskets to our friends.”

The delivery is a full on party on wheels--complete with music, fiesta props and lots of “viva fiesta” chants.

“We just wanted to make it fun,” she said.

It’s not just about the partying part--the donations for each basket are all going back to the San Antonio Zoo.

“A great example of how the community has really rallied around the zoo and the non-profits of San Antonio to help us through this hard time,”

Tim Morrow, President & CEO, San Antonio Zoo, said.

The zoo is a non-profit, so all funds come through ticket sales.

“There’s so many ways you can give back to the zoo right now,” Morrow said.

The fiesta survival kits may have started as a fun neighborhood project, but now the San Antonio Zoo will be offering similar fiesta baskets for a donation fee of $59.99.

Click here for more information on those kits and other ways you can give back to the San Antonio Zoo during these challenging times.

There are still a limited amount of the fiesta survival baskets by Gail, click here to purchase one through Gail Garza Mitchell.

Again, all proceeds go to support the San Antonio Zoo.