Ever considered going solar? 3 benefits for homeowners

Solar can help eliminate 75-100% of your electric bill

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SAN ANTONIO – The sun is shining bright, and if you’re looking to make improvements to your home and save money, harnessing the power of the sun could be the answer.

While we are still practicing social distancing right now, summer is right around the corner and that usually calls for higher energy bills.

Homeowners, if you’ve ever considered giving your home a facelift with solar energy, here are some benefits by making the switch.

1. You often don’t have to put anything down.

Unless you can pay your entire bill in full, look for a solar company that starts with $0 down.

2. Get a 26% federal tax credit.

Take advantage of the federal tax credit for homeowners who go solar.

3. You might not have a payment for three months.

If you need a local solar energy supplier, South Texas Solar Systems offers its customers the option to go without a payment due for three months.

South Texas Solar Systems can do your whole solar install without ever entering your home in its contactless turnkey operation.

“We are are not entering any homes. We are taking all the precautions to make sure customers feel real safe," said Dan Moran, vice president of sales at South Texas Solar Systems.

If you’re a CPS Energy homeowner and would like to go solar, you can earn $3,000 cash back, have no solar payments for the first year and receive a 25-year panel guard warranty through South Texas Solar Systems’ “Home Sweet Solar” special.

If you are currently paying more than $80 on your electric bill, you will see more than half of that eliminated with solar, according to the solar company.

For more information, visit txsolarsystems.com or call 210-405-8628.

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