3 easy ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Protect your skin with SPF moisturizer

Regain your youth with rapid reduction serum | SA Live | KSAT12
Regain your youth with rapid reduction serum | SA Live | KSAT12

SAN ANTONIO – It’s crazy to think summer is already here, and 100-degree heat is quickly approaching in San Antonio.

Do you have smile lines or wrinkles you want to hide? You’re not alone. To better protect your beautiful skin in the heat, here are some beauty tips to consider.

1. Protect your skin from excessive sun exposure.

Since your skin is delicate and can easily be damaged by UV rays and sun exposure, do yourself a favor and lather on SPF moisturizer with sunscreen, especially if you are going to be outside for a long period of time.

When you pack your bag for an outing, take a hat, shades and backup clothes, in case you get sunburned.

If you love getting a summer tan, try to seek out some shade in the area, as well. For the instances in which you do get too much sun, apply aloe vera or a moisturizer.

2. Stay hydrated -- your body will thank you.

Drinking plain water can be a chore to some people, so if you get bored with the taste of H2O, add in a fresh lemon, watermelon slices or citrus to mix it up.

The rule of thumb is to drink two liters of water per day.

3. Try protective skincare serum.

If you’re noticing smile lines or wrinkles you want to hide, consider trying a product like Plexaderm rapid reduction serum.

The company says the serum can help to reduce your insecurities in less than 10 minutes. Plexaderm smooths fine lines, firms skin, redefines facial contours, improves skin density, refines skin texture and minimizes the size of visible pores.