5 skin care hacks to reduce wrinkles, fine lines this summer

Stay hydrated, seek shade

The dry summer heat has made its way to Texas, and now is the time to invest some energy into keeping your skin beautiful and healthy.

To better protect your beautiful skin from sun damage, here are some beauty tips to consider.

1. Wear sunscreen.

Protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and apply SPF moisturizer with sunscreen before you head outside. Even if you’re in the shade, you can still get burned. Skin is delicate and can easily be damaged by UV rays and sun exposure.

The next time you take a trip or enjoy summer activities outside, pack a hat, shades and sun-protective clothing, to prevent getting sunburned.

If you do get too much-unwanted sun, apply aloe vera or a moisturizer to your skin to heal any burns.

2. Replenish your body with H2O.

Experts suggest drinking two liters of water per day. Cool-down and mix up your water and add natural fruit, such as fresh citrus or watermelon slices.

3. Get enough sleep.

Even if you’re constantly on the go, invest in your beauty sleep. Skin is less likely to wrinkle when you have a good night’s rest.

4. Don’t smoke.

Skin can wrinkle prematurely and sag due to smoking. It can also damage collagen.

5. Try protective skincare serum.

Noticing smile lines or wrinkles you want to hide? Consider trying a product like Plexaderm rapid reduction serum.

The company says the serum can help to reduce your insecurities in less than 10 minutes. Plexaderm smooths fine lines, firms skin, redefines facial contours, improves skin density, refines skin texture and minimizes the size of visible pores.