Exercise, work, pool or school - these are the right masks for you

Fashionable masks for every outfit

San Antonio – It looks like masks are here for the long haul. But as lifestyle expert Jen Munoz shows us, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. She shared masks fit for whatever situation you may find yourself in.


When you want to work out but you still want to stay safe and protected, you will want a mask that is lightweight and breathable. Goldsheep Clothing provides just that, along with a variety of designs and patterns to match your style.

If you plan on doing a workout outdoors in the heat, you will definitely need a cooling gaiter from Artic Cool, so you can stay safe and not become overheated.


If you are in need of masks for the workplace, Old Navy and LA Made Clothing have you covered. Their masks come in packs with various prints, designs and fabrics.

Date Night:

There are even masks for special nights with your significant other. These beautiful watercolor prints from Liana Yarckin feature her original designs, sure to leave you looking great for that night our (or in).

And if you feel like glamming it up a bit, there is the Revolve gold chain mask that will ensure you are noticed.

Backyard/Pool Day:

Dippin’ Daisy Swimwear makes masks from swimsuit material, so they dry quickly. You can also mix and match them with your swimsuit.

Also, grab your straw because Shut Your Mouth has a zip and sip mask option for enjoying your drink, while keeping as covered up as possible.

Back to School:

Mask Club is the ideal mask subscription box - offering fun surprises throughout the year.

Crayola is also offering a variety of color combinations so you have a different color for each weekday, or you can buy a class pack to ensure your kid’s classrooms are covered.

An alternative or addition to wearing a mask, there are adorable visors from Vision Visor to keep your kids safe and make it less scary. They’re also perfect for your pediatrician or any profession where kids are the focus.

There’s also a sporty visor option for those on-the-go from Gemelli, as well.