3 tips for road trips with the kids

Adam Bonnier, founder of Miniware, has great advice on how to avoid the unhealthy and over snacking for any parents taking their kids on a road trip

San Antonio – Road trips have become more popular recently with some families deciding to avoid the tight confined spaces of airplanes, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adam Bonnier has provides some excellent tips for the best way to manage these long road trips, especially for those that have children that may seem like they are constantly wanting to snack along the way.


  1. Portion control - instead of giving the kids free reign over an entire bag of chips, prep a variety of snacks in small containers, preferably with a lid. Have options like veggie snacks, dry and crunchy foods, salty snacks, and some fruit available.
  2. Use containers with lids - avoid the mess in the car by having all snacks in covered containers. This also sets in motion the mentality to kids that the containers need to be closed up after each use, as well as keeping food fresh longer.
  3. Encourage drinks before snacks - most of the time when we feel snacky, we are really just thirsty, so provide drinks as a substitute to quell the kids hunger first. Make sure they are small cups however, so you are not having to constantly make bathroom stops.

For more tips and for some great travel containers visit Miniware’s website.