How to transform your child’s learning space into a classroom

Parenting lifestyle consultant Clark Nesselrodt shares inspiring ideas for young learners

How to transform your home into a classroom | SA Live | KSAT 12
How to transform your home into a classroom | SA Live | KSAT 12

SAN ANTONIO – Mike checks out how to convert your home into a classroom with parenting lifestyle consultant Clark Nesselrodt.

Even if you live in a small home, creating some centers and corners for learning can help your child grow once the school year starts. A quiet place to read is a good place to start. You can make a quick reading nook with a small indoor tent or just a couple of pillows.

Also, bringing some items from the school to your home, like musical instruments, an easel and butcher paper, will help with creative engagements.

Watch the video above for pointers and check out Nesselrodt’s blog, Devotedly Daddy, for more parenting ideas.


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